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What Our Customers Say

"We've had a very successful partnership with Water Loss Systems for the past few years. They've surveyed over 500 miles of water line for us, finding over 75 leaks. Their work has easily paid for itself through savings on lost water. Plus we're able to repair leaks on our schedule, rather than having to a react to a water main break in the middle of the night."

Don Pannell, P.E.
Director of Operations & Maintenance
Prince William County Service Authority, VA

"Water Loss Systems was first contracted to perform a leak detection survey of 100 miles of waterline in 1986. Since that time our annual contract has grown to 300 miles as our system has expanded to nearly 1,000 miles. Over the years, our relationship with Water Loss Systems has developed to the point where one could characterize them as an extension of our workforce. They are professional, dependable and available for emergency service. The service we receive has not only saved Loudoun Water customers money by reducing leakage but it also has helped to minimize service interruptions and catastrophic failures by detecting leaks before they escalate. Early detection allows us to schedule repairs during normal operating hours. We appreciate and value our relationship with Water Loss Systems."

Steve Fleming
Field Engineering Technician
Loudoun Water, VA

"When we have an emergency, our first call is to Water Loss Systems, our second call is to our people to come in to fix the problem."

Brian Johnson
Town of Mt. Airy, MD

"Water Loss Systems is an extension of our Maintenance Department. They know as much about our system as we do - and sometimes, they know more."

Rody Mowe
Loudoun Water, VA

"We have used Water Loss Systems' services for over 20 years. Their emergency leak detection and system-wide surveys save us time and money every year. There is no other company that I would trust in taking care of our water system."

Lenny Lawson
Head of Maintenance
Town of Herndon, VA

"We call Water Loss because they are the experts, and they deliver answers about the problems that we are looking to fix."

Jimmy Williams
Town of Frostburg

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