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Leak Detection & Pinpoint Services

Leak Detection & Locating:
Stopping the Hidden Costs of Water Loss

At every moment, treated water is leaking from underground water distribution lines throughout the U.S. Corrosive soils accelerate the aging process of pipes, materials degrade over time, deposits build up within pipes and the ground is constantly shifting. Each of these factors can contribute to the creation of a leak. Hundreds of millions of gallons of water are lost to leaks every year, and this translates into two significant problems:

  1. A loss of revenue for water utilities
  2. A serious environmental impact from a diminishing natural resource

Water Loss Systems, Inc. specializes in pinpointing the location of water leaks so they can be repaired in a timely fashion. Our clients include:

  • local governments and water utilities
  • private water authorities
  • engineering/consulting companies
  • plumbing companies

Leak Detection & Location Services

We survey water lines using the latest technology to pinpoint leak locations.

Leak Prevention Programs

We work with public and private entities to develop leak prevention and maintenance programs.

Our Process

Learn more about how we find water leaks.


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