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Leak prevention programs

The ideal way to control water loss

Every water system experiences an "unaccounted for" percentage of water loss. This loss of water results in a significant loss of revenue for the water authority. Many county and state governments have a mandate that requires a water authority to take action when the "unaccounted for" losses exceed a specific percentage.


We work closely with local governments and other public and private entities to establish and implement Leak Detection Programs. Each of the programs that we have implemented vary in size and scope based on the needs of our clients. The main goal of these programs is to actively search for leaks.

This always results in the following benefits:

minimal water loss

We find leaks while they are still relatively small, resulting in increased revenue savings.

low repair cost

We find the leaks, and the repairs can be scheduled. This saves on emergency and overtime costs.

minimal property damage

We find leaks early so that they don't have time to become serious breaks that cause catastrophic failures.

up-to-date system status

We perform the survey yearly, so authorities have a more accurate idea of the actual health of their system.

In many situations, budget restrictions don't allow a client to survey their entire system in a year. In these cases we divide the program/system into smaller subsections that are surveyed each year. This allows ongoing detection and maintenance to continue in a way that meets budgetary considerations. It also creates a clear schedule for surveying the entire system in a systematic way.

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