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leak detection and location

Water Leaks:

A Hidden Liability

Most water leaks don't show themselves. Water loss often goes unnoticed as water seeps into the ground... but when finished water amounts don't match the actual billing totals, it's a sign that one or more leaks exist in a system. The majority of the leaks we detect would likely never be found due to their small size. However, when the need to find and repair leaks are questioned, it's important to realize that a leak of just a few gallons per minute could mean an annual loss of $10,000-$15,000 in water costs. That doesn't even calculate the environmental impact or the potential water damage to a system's infrastructure.

Pinpointing leak locations

We detect leaks by listening to hydrants, valves, services, blow-offs, and other points along water distribution networks. We then pinpoint the location of the leak and tell our clients where to dig for repairs.

accurate locations for minimal digging

In the past, finding leaks was a hit-or-miss process that often required multiple holes to be dug to locate a leak. We utilize the latest technology to pinpoint a leak's location so our clients only have to dig once - which is always critical - especially when the leak is located under concrete, asphalt, a building, or other sensitive areas.

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