"Water Loss Inc. is customer-oriented. They work well with our staff.  They are timely to complete water leak surveys and the reports are well assembled and easy to follow.

When called on for emergencies, they have responded quickly. Water Loss Inc. is a down-to-earth company, and the owners are very involved. They are always professional and very experienced in leak detection. "


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Stopping the hidden costs of water loss

At every moment, treated water is leaking from underground water distribution lines throughout the U.S. Corrosive soils accelerate the aging process of pipes, materials degrade over time, deposits build up within pipes and the ground is constantly shifting. Each of these factors can contribute to the creation of a leak. Hundreds of millions of gallons of water are lost to leaks every year, and this translates into two significant problems:

  1. A loss of revenue for water utilities​

2.A serious environmental impact 



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Based in Clarksburg, Maryland, Water Loss Systems, Inc. was founded in 1979. Since 1983, the company has been family-owned and operated. The company provides water leak detection and location services throughout the eastern U.S.with a focus on the Chesapeake region of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington D.C.

Today, Water Loss Systems, Inc. has surveyed thousands of miles of water lines and detected countless leaks - resulting in significant savings for a wide range of both public and private clients.


"We've had a very successful partnership with Water Loss Systems for the past few years. They've surveyed over 500 miles of water line for us, finding over 75 leaks. Their work has easily paid for itself through savings on lost water. Plus we're able to repair leaks on our schedule, rather than having to a react to a water main break in the middle of the night."

Don Pannell, P.E.
Director of Operations & Maintenance
Prince William County Service Authority, VA

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